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Hermisio The Stone Crab by Jennifer Stephens

I can't believe this silly arts and craft project turned out to be so much fun and such a great learning experience! I did it, I actually wrote and published my first children's book.

I have had no training and no experience whatsoever in writing, illustrating, and publishing a book. I just kept working on this simple story, until it was complete, and what a fun project, this book turned out to be. I am sure I made many mistakes on this project but it was worth the time, effort, and vulnerability required, to get it to completion.

If you have never risked trying something new, like making a craft, an art project, or writing a book, I highly recommend you embrace the challenge and discover the joy, it is very rewarding.

I have created several pages on this website to share the story of Hermisio The Stone Crab. You can follow the links in this blog post or look for the title Hermisio in my webpage header.

Hermisio The Stone Crab, is both a story and a children's activity book. The book has coloring and drawing pages at the back of the book and if you click the link at the back of the book, you can print more coloring and word search pages, for your kids to enjoy.

I hope you will buy your kids a copy of the book, Hermisio The Stone Crab and if you like it, please give it a positive review on Amazon. Thanks!



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