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Hello, I am Hermisio The Stone Crab...

Have your kids read my book, Hermisio The Stone Crab?  If they haven't, I hope you will buy it and read it to them. It is also an activity book with coloring and drawing pages.   If you have read my book and you liked it, please let your friends know about it, by sharing my book page and giving it a positive review.  Thanks!





Follow the Tell Me More link below, to learn more about Hermisio and the Author Jennifer Stephens.  You can follow Hermisio The Stone Crab on Twitter too!

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The Hermisio Story

The story of Hermisio the Stone Crab began in an unexpected way.  I was sitting outside at the patio table, working on some alcohol ink paintings.  As usual, I painted several cards and kept one or two paintings and tossed the rest in the trash.

As I walked by the trash can later that evening, I noticed a painting I tossed in the trash, that looked like a crab.  I picked it out of the trash and the humor of that silly crab, made me laugh, every time I looked at it.  I decided to create a notecard from that painting, to send to a friend, hoping it would make her smile. The poem and story of Hermisio, just came to me in a matter of minutes and I created a rough draft.  I knew right away that I would make a book from that story.  I have never written a children's book before or any other published book, other than an uncirculated, photographic journal.  Needless to say, I have no idea what I am doing and I am enjoying the learning process.  If I seem like an amateur, it's because I am.  



What is Hermisio The Stone Crab About?

In this book, you will meet Hermisio the Stone Crab, a fictional crab character, who demonstrates his courage and determination, delivering a message of love and laughter, to people.  Hermisio, is a funny stone crab, and the pages of the book pop with brilliant color, ocean, marine life, and beach scenes!  The story reminds the reader, that we are all a work in progress; being transformed by God, into something beautiful, something good.


This is a wonderful book for children, ages 3 and up.  Your child will enjoy the adventures and humor of Hermisio the stone crab, as he struggles to survive and deliver his message. 

Hermisio the Stone Crab, is also an activity book for kids, with coloring and drawing pages…

  • Order the paperback for hands-on coloring and drawing fun.

  • At the end of the book, you’ll find a bonus link, that will provide you with a printable PDF, that includes the coloring and drawing activities!  There might even be more kid’s activity pages and info about Hermisio the stone crab, after your purchase!

If you’re looking for fun books for small children, positive books for kids, children's activity books, or simply a great book your kids will enjoy for many hours, order this little treasure! 

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