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The Book Bistro
Currently Reading...


Legends & Lattes
by Travis Baldree

I haven't started this yet but

I am looking forward to 

Reading it.

Story Genius
by Lisa Cron

Almost finished with this

Review to follow

Business is Personal
By Bethenny Frankel

Review to follow

In addition to the books above I am always reading the Bible.  I love the Bible.  I agree with it and I believe it is the living word of God.

Disclaimer-I don't always agree with or even finish, all the books on my reading list.  I choose my reading list based on blurbs, reviews, and suggestions.  I post my reading list before I read the books.  If I post something that offends you, remember I am human. Please pardon my imperfections.  Thanks.

Books, Journals, and Stationary by Jennifer Stephens

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