Hermisio The Stone Crab EscapeD!

Not all stone crabs are as lucky as Hermisio!

Stone crabs are often caught and we enjoy a delicious dinner, from their claws.  Did you know, that many Stone Crabs live long after being caught by fishermen, and their claws grow back?  

Learn More About How Stone Crabs are used, to provide for us!  I am thankful for Stone Crabs and our fisherman!

Ephesians 3:14-21

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Hermisio The Stone Crab

Hermisio Explains Crab Anatomy


Crab Terminology

  • Crabwise- to, towards, or from the side, typically in an awkward way.

  • A Sally- a female crab. (That doesn’t mean a cranky or crabby person)

  • A Jimmy- a male crab.  (That doesn’t mean a cranky or crabby person)

  • Buffalo Crab- a crab with claws missing.  Also called a Doorknob.

  • Chandler- a large male crab, that remains in the deeper channels, of the waterways.

  • A Doubler- a male crab, carrying a female crab.

  • Shedding-the process of casting off the old shell.  An empty crab shell.

  • Buckram Crab- A crab past the paper shell stage but not in the true hardshell condition; approximately 12-24 hours after the shed.

  • Buster- a molting crab, beginning to emerge from its shell.

  • Carpus- The fifth segment of the leg and 2nd major segment.

  • Cephalothorax-the head and chest on crabs and crustaceans.

  • Carapace-the part of the exoskeleton that covers the head and thorax and protects the dorsal and lateral surfaces.  The shell.

Marble Surface
Stone Crab Facts

The official name of a stone crab is- Crustacea Subphylum.


Stone crabs become soft shell crabs after they molt until they regrow their hard shells.


Stone Crab Fishermen do not harvest soft shell stone crabs because they would be defenseless without their claws and shells.