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Meet the face
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My name is Jennifer Stephens.

I am an innovator and entrepreneur and I love creating!


My fancy title is- Innovation and Interactive Data Specialist.  What is that?  It's a data and content, marketing scientist.  I am an idea person.

Other Interesting Things I Do-

  • I am a licensed insurance sales rep    ​

  • I am a Legal Shield Independent Associate

  • I make stuff and sell stuff.

  • I host online contests and virtual adventures.

  • I love being home and I love to travel.

  • I love people and pets. 

  • God is number one in my life.

  • I enjoy adventures, cruising, boating, kayaking, photography, arts and crafts, cooking, and baking.

  • I recently wrote and published a book of Haiku

  • I have written a children's book Hermisio The Stone Crab. 

I invite you to read my blog, visit my Author Central page, Follow me on Twitter, talk to me about something that interests you, or hire me to assist you.


Before you leave, please visit the Content Cafe and grab some free goodies!  Everything there is legal and safe for all ages.

Speaking of reading...What are you reading this month?  To find out what I am reading, visit The Book Bistro!

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