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The Frame

This month I have decided to spotlight a product. The product is a Samsung TV, called The Frame!

At the risk of sounding like a couch potato, allow me to introduce you to this ever so sleek, beautiful, multifunctional, TV!

My favorite features about The Frame TV:

Art Mode- This TV is a gorgeous, focal point in any room. It’s a work of art on your wall, and you can change the artwork showcased, at any time.

Are you an undiscovered artist? Host an art exhibition and display your digital artwork and photography. It’s a fun theme for a party!

Did you visit a museum and return home, wanting to know more about a favorite work of art? The Frame offers a subscription service, to digital artwork and photography, from art galleries around the world and You are the curator!

The Frame TV holds a large amount of digital media. It stores up to 1,200 images on the 16GB built-in hard drive and you can personalize The Frame, with 5 realistic mat backgrounds and 16 color choices.

The Frame size ranges from 32-80 inches and the TV has a brightness sensor, to make sure your artwork is always seen in the best light!

The Design:

The Frame is elegant in design, it comes in the following customizable bezel colors- modern black, modern white, modern teak, and modern brown.

The Frame is reasonably priced. Prices range from approximately $500-$4,300.00 depending on the size of the TV.

I am fortunate to live in close proximity, to a beautiful museum; Crystal Bridges, of Northwest Arkansas. I love our museum and I’m a frequent guest there. I am of the opinion, that there is no comparison to an in-person visit, to your local museum; it’s an immersive experience.

What The Frame TV can do, is make your home more beautiful and help you discover your own inner artist. You might even fall in love with new artists and artwork. Who knows, maybe you’ll be brave enough to display and share, your own artwork with your family and friends.

If you haven’t been to Crystal Bridges Museum yet, I hope you will soon, it's beautiful.


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