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Don’t Get Stuck in a Photography Rut!

Join the World’s Greatest Photography Game!

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, you will want to get involved in this absolutely fun and rewarding photography game.

Before you start your day, week or vacation, check out the photography games and contests available at Guru Shots! It costs nothing to enter and if your photo wins, you will win a cash prize! There are lots of different photo games, and contests to enter. Guru Shots provides a theme, and the audience votes, for the best photo in its category!

Even if your photo doesn’t win, you are engaging yourself in opportunities to improve your photography skills, you are getting involved in your hobby and having some fun! You might even win a few hundred dollars!

Expand your photography portfolio, be challenged by new photography requirements, keep your eye on this beautiful thing called life, that is happening every day, all around you.

Get inspired, and become the next Photo Guru!



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