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A Blog Reader's Questions and My Answers...

How to sell and protect your digital photography. The reader asks: "I would like to share my photography work in a way where it won't just be stolen. Do you perhaps have any suggestions? "

Yesterday, I received an email from a blog reader asking if I could recommend a good and safe way to sell and promote digital photography work.

I am a hobbyist photographer and don't consider my photography skill level professional. I have had some good luck, good fortune, and blessings that resulted in some really awesome photos. I have not yet tried to sell my photography online or protect my photography work. I engage in photography and most hobbies for fun and enjoyment; any subsequent sales are a delightful additional win! I am certainly open to it. 🙂

Fascinated by the reader's questions, I decided to research what options are available to protect, promote, and sell digital photography. I have selected my top 5 picks and will give it a try. What's your favorite digital photography sales platform?

You can also protect your photography by submitting work to the United States Copyright Office.

Thank you for reading my blog and for asking this question!



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