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And The Winner Is....

The winner of my 2021 The 12 Days of Christmas Contest is ....Heather Slinkard!

Heather is a small business owner at JuicePlus and a personal health coach, she is also a friend of mine. Heather made multiple entries, to the contest and was the winning entry.

Heather won a choose your own adventure with 37 North Expeditions! The contest prize value is $87.00 Congratulations!

I hope you enjoy your 37 North Expedition Heather. I thank you and I appreciate you playing and participating, in the contest! If you enjoyed the contest, please like and share this post.

Speaking of contests.....Stay tuned for the Deep Sea Fishing Tournament, happening in May on this website! Who will take home the Biggest, Fresh Catch, of the day! (And no, it's not phishing). 🙂

Tournament details will be available in May.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!


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