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The Online Deep-Sea Fishing Tournament!

Sign up now. The tournament begins on June 6th and ends on June 12th!

There are three Prizes Possible!

Prizes 2 and 3 require 25 or more participants in the tournament.

Here is how you win!

  1. Sign up for the Deep Sea Fishing Online Tournament here

and follow me on Twitter to play! @jenandgoo

All the tournament activities will take place on Twitter, so be sure to follow me there. (Friends and family that follow me on Facebook may play/participate, on Facebook if you prefer that)

Entry Prize-All tournament entries will get entered into the drawing for a $50 Red Lobster, Blu’s Fish House, or Bonefish Grill gift card.

2. Biggest Catch: every day of the tournament, you will see fish and marine life posts, in my Twitter stream. At the end of each day, you will see a “Catch of The Day” post. Post the biggest fish you see (catch) and its weight, in the daily “Catch of The Day” social comment box. I will draw one winner at the end of the tournament.

The Biggest Catch prize is a $50 Bass Pro Shop gift card

Example: John Smith comments- Marlin, 165lbs.

3. Show Your Fishing License- When you see the Fishing Warden in my social media stream or in your message area, show your fishing license, by sharing a link to this page. (my blog contest page), then comment “shared” in the Fishing Wardens comment box.

Prize 3. Show Your Fishing License is a box of Cabot’s Taffy!

I will draw one winner from everyone who “showed their fishing license” and commented "shared" in the fishing wardens' comment box.


This contest is not in any way affiliated with Banker’s Life and Casualty Company, Insurance in general, or related to my own insurance sales. The purpose of this contest is to generate web traffic, to my personal websites and explore new and fun ways to engage in experiential marketing. Co-workers, friends, strangers, acquaintances, and family are all welcome to participate. Family, friends, and people who follow me on Facebook may play/participate there as well. My social contest posts will be the same on Twitter and Facebook. I only Facebook Friend, people I know, on my personal Facebook page. That is why the game will be played on Twitter by most participants. This contest is good, clean, fun, and has nothing to do with online Phishing schemes. You may safely participate. I hope you enjoy and have fun!

Now go catch the big one!



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