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The 12 Days Of Christmas Contest!

The 12 Days of Christmas Contest Begins 12/3/21 and Ends on 12/15/21

The point of this contest is fun, for you and me! I enjoy the creative process of blogging and doing these sorts of activities. I desire to offer content, products, and services, that hopefully, will help to inspire, invigorate and restore your soul. This is one of the things in life, that does that for me. I love people and I truly enjoy creative endeavors, selling, marketing, and creating income streams by doing things that I love.

Contest Rules

I am giving away a prize, to one winner at the end of the contest on 12/15/21! The prize has a retail value of $50 or more. I will announce the winner if there is one on 12/16/21.

The contest is a drawing. I will draw one winner from all entries received by 12/15/21.

Earn One entry for solving one of the Christmas puzzles, on this blog page. You must send your Christmas puzzle answers to me by email, no later than 12/15/21.

Earn one entry for emailing me a screenshot, demonstrating that you shared this blog post in your social media stream. (snowball fight!) 🙂

Earn one entry for purchasing any product from my store or purchasing one of my services on my webpage. (Found at the bottom of my Home page)

Insurance services and products can not be included in this contest. I would still like to meet with you and discuss insurance though!

12 Days of Christmas Contest PUZZLES. (Email me your answers to these puzzles)

Skiing snowman from leshutterstock, which shadow matches the snowman?

A Christmas Gift Riddle

A Christmas Word Scramble

I hope you win and I look forward to seeing your answers!

I thank you for reading this blog and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!



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