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These 6 Holiday Gift Ideas Will Positively Improve Lives

Here are six gift ideas that will continue to bring joy and excitement to your recipient long after the holidays.

  1. Travel Rewards Check those credit card reward points and frequent flyer miles and consider surprising your spouse, family member, or loved one with a vacation getaway. It might not cost you any additional money and could significantly improve the life and well-being of the one receiving it.

2. Tower Gardens by Juice Plus. Eating healthy and organic all year is possible with a Tower Garden. Select your favorite fruits and vegetables to grow in your home each season. Growing produce with Tower Gardens is fun. You will no longer be limited to the summertime growing season. Aeroponic gardening can be a great family bonding experience. Your kids will learn about science and they might actually get excited about eating vegetables they grow themselves. Reduce your grocery bills by growing some of your own produce. If you're feeling entrepreneurial, you could create a side hustle. One idea would be growing, selling, and delivering microgreens to customers. Microgreens are extremely good for you and they are hard to find in most grocery stores, and they are delicious on sandwiches and salads. You can start your Tower Garden for approximately $85 per month! Call me for more info at 479-268-8178

3. Bouqs Monthly Flower Arrangements. Think about the mental and emotional joy that could be gained by sending a monthly floral arrangement to your spouse, parents, a family member in assisted living, a child at college, a friend, or an invaluable employee. Fresh Flowers change the emotional atmosphere in the room by bringing beauty, love, life, and appreciation to someone special. Bouqs floral subscription costs $44.00 per month.

4. A Local Gym Membership such as Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness has locations all over the United States and membership is only $10 per month. Give healthy, and give them a way to stay healthy and motivated all year. This $120.00 gift will last for 12 months.

5. Book of the Month Club. Reading reduces stress and increases feelings of joy and well-being. Personal reading gives people a chance to disengage, relax and experience some me time. $16.99 a month is the cost of a Book of the Month subscription and your recipient will have a new gift to enjoy every month.

6. Oats Overnight. Oats Overnight is a fast, delicious, healthy, and convenient way to save money and time in the morning. Open a packet of Oats Overnight, and put it in the blender bottle that comes with your first order. Add milk, water, or plant-based milk product, shake it up, and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, grab your blender cup, shake well and head out the door. Save time, calories, and money by not stopping for a fast food breakfast on your way to work. My favorite flavors are Blueberry Cobble, Peach Upside Down Cake, Strawberries and Cream, and Mixed Berries and Cream. 24 Oats Overnight Meals cost $84

What will you give this year? What gifts of impact would you like to receive? It is so nice to give and receive something that continues to bring joy throughout the year.



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