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The Results Of The Slot Tournament!

I told you I would post the slot tournament results in a later post, so here it is. I entered the $20.00 slot tournament on the Serenade of the Seas, the prize was to be determined on the last day of the cruise, based on how many entries there were.

With luck and God’s blessing, I landed in 1st place, on the first day of the tournament. The computer placed me on the right machine and I made it through the first round. I had to survive all the other entries throughout the cruise and enter a re-match on the last day at sea.

At the time of the final round, on the last day, I had dropped from 1st to 8th place. There were no more entries and it was on to the final round! Once again the computer placed us at our respective machines and we slapped those spin buttons silly!

I hit an awesome bonus round and leaped to 1st place and won the tournament. The win was $500.00. Not too bad for a $20 investment!

My cruise was already paid for, so I used my winnings to pay my onboard expenses and book my next cruise vacation! 🙂

Thanks be to God and Royal Caribbean!


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