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The Most Comfortable Dress Pants You'll Ever Own!

I know it seems weird to talk about pants for this month's blog post but I want to introduce you to a company called Betabrand. Betaband is a clothing design company, located in San Francisco, Ca. They make amazingly comfortable, dress pant, yoga pants. When I think of dress pants and yoga pants, those two things don't evoke a synonomous feeling in my mind. However, Betabrand makes it possible to look classy and professional, while feeling as comfortable as you would in activewear.

Every week Betabrand welcomes their Betabrand community to their San Francisco studio, to launch new products together. They have more than 50 dress pant products in their collection and they are launching new products every week. These pants are for women of all shapes and sizes.

I personally own several pairs and I continue to want to buy more. What I like about Betabrand pants is: Their quality, they are a good weighted pair of pants and they retain their shape after many washes and wears, they last a long time, they don't wrinkle, they travel well, they come in short petite and after one wash they are the perfect length for me (I don't have to hem them). They look good and they feel good!

If you don't think you'll look good in yoga pants and you certainly don't think you can wear yoga pants to work, I challenge you to think seriously about trying some Betabrand dress pants. My guess is that you will be surprised at how good you look and how great you feel!

My personal favorite Betabrand designs are:

  1. The Seven Pocket dress pants

  2. The Straight Leg two pocket dress pant

  3. The denim (not dress pant)

I hope you'll let me know what your favorite Betrabrand style is



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