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The App You Will Want to Have With You, Before Boarding Your Next Royal Caribbean Cruise!

The Royal Caribbean App!

On my recent cruise with Royal Caribbean's Serenade of the Seas, I downloaded their cruise App.

I am so impressed! Their app made everything I did onboard the ship, so much easier!

Download the Royal Caribbean App from the Apple App Store or Goggle Play Store, prior to your cruise date. It will allow you to check-in early and give you a digital Sea Pass, which will expedite the check-in process.

All guests can use the Royal Caribbean App, free while onboard. No internet package is required – just connect to the ship's Wi-Fi.

Benefits of using the Royal Caribbean App include:

  1. Checking in to your cruise

  2. Linking reservations with other guests, so you can plan and make reservations together once onboard.

  3. Booking Excursions

  4. Dinner reservations

  5. The main dining menu

  6. Entertainment

  7. Adding events and cruise happenings to your calendar

  8. Shops

  9. Events

  10. The ships map

  11. View your expenses and keep track of onboard spending

  12. Dining choices

  13. Chat with family and friends for a $1.99 per day fee.

  14. Much more

Review this video for a tutorial on how the app works!



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