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Practical Poshness With A Possible Price Point!

I decided to wait to create this post until I have had some time, to really put some hours behind the wheel of this car.

I have recently purchased a 2020 Ford EcoSport, SES, 4WD, 2.0L with a 6-speed auto transmission. The verdict is- I absolutely love it! I hadn't heard of this vehicle before I bought it and I didn't plan on purchasing it, but I am glad I did!

This car has a lot of luxury and practical features, for the price. I am going to let you know what my personal favorite features are and post a complete vehicle guide, for you to review.

I use this EcoSport for all of my work and personal driving, I also deliver groceries with it. I have room in the car, for two or three loads of grocery deliveries, myself, and personal effects. The EcoSport is compact and looks small but it really does everything I could ask of it and it has more room than it appears.

This vehicle has an MSRP of $28,870 but ask your local dealer what they can do for you on price. I bought a floor model with less than 5,000 miles and got mine for less than $20,000.

My Favorite Features

  1. 4WD (It's basically AWD but it did awesome in the snow!)

  2. Select Shift (This works great for coming down steep, slick, roads. Manually shift into 2nd and 1st for more control on snowy declines)

  3. Leather Interior with heated front seats and heated steering wheel

  4. Moonroof and roof rack

  5. 29/30 MPG

  6. Easy Fuel Capless Filler (no gas cap to mess with)

  7. Backup camera and blind spot sensors

  8. Electronic Smart System (Voice commands, Navigation, Sat Radio, Wifi, Apps)

  9. Split, Fold Flat Seats (all sorts of seat and cargo configurations possible)

  10. Ambient lighting (customize your light colors)

In addition to all those great features, I was able to buy from a local dealer, just a few blocks from my home. I want to say, these men and women did a superb job with customer service! I talked to them on the phone, completed an online app, got approved. I went to the dealership and test drove the EcoSport, signed the docs, and drove it home. It took about an hour. Totally hassle-free!

What dealership was it? Wood Motor Ford in Jane MO.

They also sent me this great thank you gift! I am very happy with my purchase and with their customer service! My EcoSport is a two-tone white and black. At first, I thought it looked like a roller skate but now I really like the looks of it! It's very Mod!

If you go over there and see Wood Motor about an auto purchase, of ANY kind...Please tell them Jennifer Stephens sent you. Please print out this referral card and take it with you, to the Wood dealership and leave a comment here on my blog, if you buy a car. Yes, they pay me a referral fee. Thanks!

Referral To Wood Motor
Download PDF • 2.60MB

Feature Guide-



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