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Fiction, Romance, Intrigue!

Do you enjoy reading a good fictional, romance, western, or mystery novel? Do you miss the days of getting an old fashion letter in the mail? Do you enjoy the excitement of waiting to hear what the next letter has to say?

I personally love writing and receiving good old fashion, snail-mail letters. I love unique stationery paper, pens, and fun stamps but most importantly, I love writing to and hearing from people I love!

Nothing replaces true friendship and the actual love letters you receive from friends, admirers, lovers, and family. Similarly, a great fictional novel is a delightful way to pass time but it's no comparison to embarking on a real adventure!

I recently heard about something that grabbed my attention, it caught my attention because I love the concept. I enjoy being a pen pal and when I was in junior high school, a friend and I became intrigued with Sir Francis Drake (we were studying him in school). We started creating fictional Sir Francis Drake letters, to place in a fellow student's classroom mailbox. We used old paper and we burnt the edges to make it look old and put sand on the paper etc. The student thought he was receiving letters from the ghost of Sir Francis Drake, which encouraged and inspired us, to write more authentic-looking letters. It was so much fun for my friend and me, and the recipient really enjoyed it as well.

I recently saw information about a company, that created a snail-mail subscription service, to their fictional letter novella series. I knew right away that I had to subscribe, to see what it was all about. I just received my first letter and it is so cool! So far, it's a great start to the storyline and it included fun artifacts and historical treasure troves in the letter.

If you are someone who enjoys novels and letters, I would recommend that you check this company out! The Flower Letters

There are a few stories you can choose from, I started with the Audrey Rose series. In the Audrey Rose series, "we explore what it might have been like to live through WWII. To experience the range of emotions leading up to the war…the triumphs and heartbreaks.."

These letters are so much fun, they have you interacting with their website, following them on Instagram, for more clues and treasures, etc. I have only read one letter so far but I am definitely looking forward to the next! I hope you will check them out and enjoy their series, The Flower Letters.

You never know, it might even inspire you to write some letters as well!



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