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5 Ways To Fine Tune Your Walmart + App Experience

One of the hats I have worn in my lifetime is grocery delivery driver. I am absolutely jazzed about the concept of grocery delivery. I have been talking about the concept of grocery delivery as a business service, offered by grocers for many years. I am excited to see it being successfully implemented and I am delighted to be a part of it as a delivery driver.

If you haven't signed up for the Walmart + service yet, now is a good time to subscribe. Walmart + offers a free 15-day trial, of their grocery delivery service, free shipping with no order minimum on, 5 cents off per gallon on fuel at Walmart, Murphy's, and member pricing at Sam's. Unlimited grocery delivery for a yearly fee of $98 and their Scan and Go checkout. People are tactile and will always want a true brick and mortar store but there are lots of times when going to the store is not convenient or possible. Walmart + fills that need.

While working as a grocery delivery driver, for customers using the Walmart + App, I found that I was encountering the same questions from customers day after day, so I decided to make a video tutorial that answers those questions. The Walmart + App has lots of great features and this tutorial will help you get the best functionality, out of your Walmart + App and grocery delivery service.



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