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27th Annual Japanese Fall Festival

Springfield Botanical Gardens at Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park 2400 S. Scenic Avenue, Springfield, MO. September, 8th-10th 2023.

The Springfield Botanical Garden would be a perfect location for a Renaissance Fair I would recommend spending the day at this park anytime!

The Japanese Festival has plenty to see and do, there are Sumo wrestlers, dancing, singing, Japanese food, candy, desserts, traditional tea ceremonies, and Japanese arts and crafts vendors. There are lots of fun classes to sign up for as well!

Seiran Chiba- Japansese Calligraphy

Kintsugi- Mending broken ceramics with gold

Baduanjin- A form of qigong

Kokedama- Moss Ball Art

Bonsai Workshops-Training Bonsai Trees

Ikebana Workshop- Flower Arranging that appears to defy gravity.

My Ikebana arrangement was out of water and tipped over in the wind and sun all day; needless to say, it is a bit wilted. It was so much fun though. 🙂



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