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10 Great Services To Give as Gifts!

  1. Marketing-does someone you know need help creating digital marketing content, for their business or self-employment efforts? Consider buying them a gift certificate, to help them with their marketing projects.

  2. Grocery Delivery-There is many reasons, to gift grocery delivery. Busy schedules, not wanting to take the whole family to the store, during the Covid crisis. Parents that need prescriptions delivered to their home, discounts on fuel and free shipping, from sites like There are serval good delivery services available to choose from but I prefer Walmart + because of all that has to offer.

  3. Golf- That could be a golf lesson at their local course or a gift card, to a day of entertainment at TopGolf.

  4. Personal Assistant- Do you know someone that could use help with scheduling, organizing, travel, technology, transportation, appointments, errands, or special projects? Consider giving them the gift of a personal assistant! Gift certificates available by the hour and project.

  5. Vehicle Maintenance- Everyone needs vehicle maintenance at some point but it's an expense, that can be burdensome at times. A gift certificate or gift card from the family mechanic or dealership of choice can be a true help. Oil changes and tire rotations are reasonable gifts and stocking stuffers.

  6. Beauty- People can always use the gift of beauty and self-care. Massage, hair and nail care, chiropractic appointments, yoga, and photography sessions are healthy gift choices. These gifts aren’t just for women either, men often need self-care too.

  7. Insurance- Insurance is a very kind gift to give. Supplemental benefit policies, such as life insurance, heart, cancer, accident, and hospital indemnity policies, can bring peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones. For more information on personal or corporate insurance benefits in the state of Arkansas, please contact me directly at 479-268-8178.

  8. Tax Preparation- Tax season is right around the corner. How nice would it be to know that your tax prep was already paid for! Whether it’s H& R Block or your family's personal tax accountant, tax preparation is a practical gift to give! Maybe you will have a tax refund without even paying for the tax appointment!

  9. AAA-Triple A is much more than roadside assistance! Travel discounts, towing, jumpstarting your car, unlocking your door if you lock yourself out of your car or home, travel insurance, and much more. Give the gift of a AAA membership.

  10. Pet Grooming/Boarding/Doggie Daycare- If you are a pet owner, you probably have a favorite place you take your pet, to be groomed and boarded when you go to work or on vacation. Let someone unwrap the gift of pet care, they can use the money to buy some new pet toys or go on an extra adventure, on their next vacation!

Giving the gift of service is not only helpful and practical to the recipient, but it is also a great way to support local businesses both small and large. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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