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What Feelings Would You Experience, If Someone Said To You; You're Going To Hollywood?

Have You Ever Considered How A Dramatic Improv or Acting Class Could Improve Your Sales and Marketing Skills?

You might want to grab a few friends and coworkers and head to the Community Creative Center in Fayetteville (The CCC ) to conduct a business experiment. You might be surprised by the positive impact an Improv class could have on yourself and your coworkers. The CCC has an Intro to Acting for Adults and an Intro to Improv class beginning in January and February 2023.

Many of the skills needed to put on a great production are also part of our daily business interactions. Appropriate drama can be fun, even if you are shy! It gives you a platform to perform and improves your ability to respond on the spot. Learning acting skills puts you in character and expands the strengths and abilities, of your own character.

Improvisation teaches you how to think quickly on your feet and enjoy the art of dialog. You could end up becoming a master at not feeling befuzzled, when things don't go according to plan.

I run on Improv mode often, even though I am a scheduled planner. I have taken several drama classes in school and enjoyed them. I am definitely considering taking an Improv class at the CCC to refresh my skills and have fun.

The Community Creative Center offers courses in Drawing, Painting, Pottery wheel, Hand-building with clay, Collaging, Greeting card making, Raku, Sand Casting, and Leather Working. The CCC offers family workshops, date night events, and art camps.

If you haven't signed up for a class at the Community Creative Center yet, I hope you will. The Community Creative Center is located at 505 West Spring Street in Fayetteville, AR. 72701. At the Walton Arts Center's Nadine Baum Studios.

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