The Show Must Go On!

Updated: May 12, 2020

You probably have valuable knowledge and expertise, that other people would like to have!

Do you play an instrument, have a home repair tip, are you an auto mechanic, with car repair advice? Do you cook something that everyone loves or teach cooking classes? Are you an artist or do you teach art lessons? Are you a bar tender with unique drink recipes, that would amaze people?

Maybe you a teach a Bible Study or a professional class and have course work all ready prepared but are unable to meet in a tangible class room? Do you teach real estate sales courses? Are you a seamstress or quilter? Maybe Personality training is your area of expertise?

Whatever your skill or area of expertise, you might want to take a look at Teachable, allows professionals and everyday people, to put their knowledge and courses online and allows you to charge a fee and interact with your students.

This time of restricted in person interaction, has created an increased and unprecedented need, for online training and learning! The opportunity to be creative and engage people is exciting!

Don’t be afraid to jump in and innovate, make your information new and unique! You can be creative with your teaching and programs like Teachable, make it easy to turn your course work and knowledge, in to cash flow opportunities!

Are you are someone with course materials already put together, for in person training? This might be a good time, to think about refreshing those courses and using a venue like

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