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Saturday Morning Geocaching

I had the opportunity to go Geocaching today! Although I’ve heard of Geocaching, I had not actually participated in the fun, which surprises me because I am a treasure hunting kind of person. These are difficult times when it comes to trying to find affordable ways to get exercise, socialize and have fun. Geocaching might just be the perfect adventure for you and your family!

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game, that gets you outside exploring the environment, and incorporates technology. You use your cell phone's GPS, to locate the hidden geo treasures.

Select an area in your community that you want to explore, download the Geocaching app and start looking for the Geocache treasure. You might want to be sure to bring a pen and a few small treasures, to leave for the next person treasure hunting.

The point and fun of Geocaching isn’t really the cache treasure you will find but the time you spend exploring new and beautiful areas, finding the treasure, using technology, interacting with people, and leaving something for the next person to discover.

One thing to consider before setting out for geocaching is, make sure you leave something that would be safe and appropriate for any age treasure hunter to find. Make sure you don’t look suspicious, you don’t want someone to call the bomb squad. Observers may not have any idea about what Geocaching is and wonder what you are doing.

Geocaching is a game that is meant to be safe, fun, and family-friendly. Geocaching also provides all kinds of opportunities, to learn about the environment and local facts, while you are exploring the area for treasures.

I recommend giving Geocaching a try, it is a really fun way, to ad adventure and outdoor activity, to a day on the town.

I was able to see all this beauty while, on our Geocaching adventure today and walked a few miles, as well!



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