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Quaint and Local!

Visit Cherry Street Springfield, Missouri, for a quaint day on the town.

If you live in Missouri or NW Arkansas and desire a new day trip adventure; drive over to Springfield MO. and discover Cherry Street. Cherry St. is a quaint little area that has only started to reach its full potential. Here are some things to do on Cherry Street.

Artistry Ceramics Shop- grab a beverage and paint a piece of pottery or take some pottery home to paint and bring it back for firing.

Fleur Floral Studio-As soon as you open the door the beautiful florals entice your senses. Create your own bouquet at the bloom bar, or have them make one for you. Pick up a gift or some seed packets for planting later.

Tie and Timber Brewing-enjoy some music and a great beer.

More great eateries!

Ott's Pasta Carry Out-

Skully's Ramen

Team Taco

IMO's Pizza

Tea Bar and Bites-Bakery and Cafe is highly recommended!

Then discover the historical charm of the Roundtree Neighborhood!

After your visit to Cherry Street, you might want to check out Firehouse Pottery if you enjoy painting greenware and have lunch at Galloway Grill.

I love discovering these hidden gem places!




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