If you are looking for fun and creative things to do, while so many places are temporarily closed; you might want to consider creating keepsakes, memories and gifts for later in the year!

I have been going on photographic, city adventures in my local area- Bentonville, Bella Vista and Rogers Arkansas, for several years now. It is so much fun! I grab my camera and wonder the streets, shops, alley ways, museums and outdoor spaces and photograph murals, signs, art, people, and whatever looks interesting and eye catching.

After capturing a good amount of photos, I put the photos together into what I call a photographic journal. The journal not only displays my photos but I storyboard the photos, into mini stories, songs and all kinds of fun displays. The book is almost a puzzle of fun within the journal of photos.

My next book will probably be a recipe book of all my favorite recipes. While you are at home, or looking for things to do with the kids, you might want to look through your photos and make a photo book. I tried using several photo book applications and found the Motif Photos, to be the easiest to use. I would like to share a Motif 30% discount code with you and I hope you have as much fun as I did creating your books!

30% Discount with Motif Photo Books!

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