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Creating Photographic Journals

If you are looking for something fun and creative to do, I recommend photographic journaling! They make great gifts and keepsakes too.

I have been going on photographic, city adventures, in Northwest Arkansas for several years. It is so much fun! I grab my camera and wander the streets, shops, alleyways, museums, and outdoor spaces, looking for creative opportunities.

I photograph murals, signs, art, people, and whatever looks interesting and eye-catching.

After procuring a good amount of photos, I make a photographic journal. The journal not only displays my photos but is also a storyboard of my adventure. The book is a puzzle of fun within the journal of photos. I never know, when exploring and doing photography, how the photo journal is going to turn out but the stories within the photo adventure journal, always delight me. I hope to make this book available for sale if I am able to get permission from the artists, to print a book with photographs of their work.

My next book will probably be a book of favorite family recipes. I tried using several photo book software applications and found Motif Photos, to be the easiest to use.

Here is a Motif 30% discount code. I hope you have fun making and creating things.



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