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I want to be your Creative Consultant.

What if you thought about your business in a creative new way and could implement innovative changes, while still relying on the business methods, you know to be tried and true?

Does your company need to improve on a struggling area of business? Are you out of ideas, about how to change it?

Does the company need a creative idea or process improvement? Most companies do, whether they know it or not.

Are you artistic but struggling with a lack of creative ideas?

Your industry probably has unmet business needs, that are just waiting for an innovative business solution, that your company could provide.

I want you or your company, to hire me, as a creative consultant.  I want to innovate with you!

I am excellent at working with people and companies, seeing a business need and problem solving.  I am an idea person and I love to find creative answers to industry challenges. How great would it be, to have a fresh look at your current business situation with an idea person?

I am available to be hired as a Creative Consultant, independent contractor, to help your company with ideas, concept creation, problem solving and innovation, on an as needed basis. I am not bad at marketing either!

I also would like to be your-

Corporate or Personal Assistant. I am available to be hired as an assistant, on a per diem or monthly basis.

I am available locally in Northwest Arkansas, remotely by computer and phone and I am willing to travel to your company for Creative Consulting.

I look forward to working together and using my talents, to help you or your company! Jennifer Stephens



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