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Don't Cruise Without These Things!

Setting off on a cruise can be one of the most exhilarating experiences, and packing the right items can make or break your maritime holiday. My recent journey from Galveston to Honduras, Costa Maya, and Cozumel with Royal Caribbean's Harmony of The Seas has given me greater insights into what makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable cruise. Here are a few packing essentials for future cruisers.

A shout-out to Doug at Cruise News Radio. I recently read his cruise essentials list before blogging mine and learned we have some similar essentials; there are a few differences though.

I love your Cruise News Radio Broadcasts Doug, you're doing a great job!

The Essentials

Start with a favorite rolling carry-on. This piece of luggage is invaluable for keeping your essentials close, especially during disembarkation. This was the easiest disembarkation experience I have ever had. I grabbed my stuff and walked off the ship and onto the bus. Pack light and use the ship's laundry service.

A backpack serves as a versatile carry-all for days at port or poolside.

A lanyard is perfect for keeping your room key and ID handy and safe. (Cruise Critic).

A small purse- When a backpack is too large and bulky, you need a small purse for occasions like dinner, the show, shopping, and casino time; pack your phone, lipstick, sea pass, and glasses into a small crossbody purse. That small purse can also be packed into your backpack during travel.

Romantic Night Lights

Battery-powered tea lights can help create a cozy atmosphere and provide soft night light in your cabin without violating safety rules that ban candles.

Organization and Comfort

When it comes to saving space in your carry-on, compression cubes are invaluable.

Memory Making

Journal-For documenting your adventures, a journal is a must-have. It's a lovely way to capture memories that photos alone can't convey.


A manual watch keeps you on time for ship activities and shore excursions, especially when your phone is away. You can turn off automatic time on your smartphone and set the time to ship time on an iPhone by going to settings, selecting General, then Date and Time, and then by deselecting the set automatically button.

Beach Essentials

For lounging on beautiful beaches or by the pool, a Teema or Sand Cloud towel is a stylish and quick-drying towel that doubles as a small blanket on the plane.

Towel clips to keep your towel in place on those breezy days. They also keep your bathing suit in place when it is drying on the balcony.


Two large Ziplock bags for wet swimwear, coins, cruise memorabilia, jewelry, or protecting your gadgets from sand and water if you didn't use a Sea Monster bag.


Bring an average-sized metal and brand-labeled plastic water bottle, to use with the water you order on the ship. The ship sells large water bottles in a case of 12 or 24 and delivers them to your room before the cruise but those large bottles can be cumbersome. An average-sized refillable bottle is more convenient for excursions and around the room. Only drink from opened water bottles refilled by you!


Regarding clothing, the adage 'less is more' is true. Utilizing the ship's laundry service and purchasing souvenirs like shirts can reduce the need for an overly packed suitcase.

  1. Your Favorite rolling carryon

  2. Backpack

  3. Lanyard

  4. Battery-powered tea lights

  5. Cute small crossbody purse or studley wallet

  6. Compression Cubes

  7. Journal

  8. Manual watch

  9. Teema or Sand Cloud towel

  10. Towel Clips

What I wished I had packed. An average-sized metal and labeled plastic water bottle. Fill it with the water you purchased, chill it, and bring it with you.

Harmony of the Seas is a beautiful ship with a Promenade, Boardwalk, and Central Park. The service is excellent! I would highly recommend this Ship and having lunch at the Park Cafe. The beef dip sandwich with Au jus and horseradish along with the build-your-own salad is delicious!



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