Creating Work and Living Spaces That Inspire!

I can’t remember a time in our nations recent history, where so many people had to reinvent their living spaces, to accommodate their work life. I have been working from home in some capacity, most of my life. Creating work space has constantly been apart of my life and thinking.

The four biggest challenges to working from home or remotely are:

  1. Finding a quiet place to work and think.

  2. Setting work boundaries

  3. Creating an Inspiring Environment

  4. Actual Space to work or Play in

People who are unable to work at their office during this time, are turning corners, closets, attics, guest rooms, dinning rooms and living rooms, into immediate work spaces. It probably sounded good when you first thought about working from home! But maybe you didn’t consider- the noise of the TV, the people and activities of the life we all love, constantly interrupting the work day. Oh and hey, who moved those documents you needed?

The work atmosphere is probably less than inspiring, if your household is like most with everyone home. It is hard to set boundaries between home life and work life.

Even though working from home can pose some challenges, the benefits can be tremendously worthwhile, if you set your work space and home life boundaries, right from the beginning!

Depending on where you live and what the climate is like, will determine whether your office space can change biannually or can remain the same. The space you set should inspire you! The temperature should be conducive to work and why not have a great view!

Bubble Butts inflatable tents allows for a substantial amount of space, a controlled climate and a 360 degree view of nature! Look out at flowers, trees and birds, mountains, pools, gardens, all while keeping your work space, separate from all the activity going on in the house. Set a time that you are done working and connect with family and friends. Create a communication system with your family, whether chat, email, phone or walkie talkie, so they can communicate with you in your work area. Take breaks to check in with them.

Documents should be securely filed in a locked filing cabinet or in a computer safe place, when you a done working for the day. Have a safe place in the house to store that info, that is off limits to the kids. Add a wifi extender to the Bubble Butts office for great internet reception. During seasons of extreme heat and cold, you will want to consider changing up your office space to accommodate seasonal temperatures. More ideas on that later!

A little planning of your office and success now, can add up to a happy lifestyle and more money because good things happen when people are inspired!

I want a Bubble Butts 360 degree Office!

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