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Aeroponic Gardening

Article Two Of The Spring Gardening Series

Did you know you can grow flowers to make floral arrangements in your aeroponic gardens?

Aeroponic Gardening

Indoor gardening using aeroponic gardening towers to grow flowers and veggies is a fantastic way to cultivate a beautiful space while improving air quality in your home. With their efficient use of water and nutrients, aeroponic gardening towers are a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice for any green-thumbed enthusiast. But which flowers and veggies are best suited for this type of gardening? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


1. Petunias - These colorful and easy-to-care-for flowers are a great choice for aeroponic gardening towers. Whether you prefer classic pink and white varieties or more unique varieties like blue or purple, petunias thrive in aeroponic environments.

2. Begonias - With their bright blooms and interesting foliage, begonias can add a pop of color to any indoor garden. They do well in a variety of lighting conditions and are well-suited for aeroponic towers.

3. Impatiens - These shade-loving, low-maintenance flowers are perfect for indoor gardens. They bloom in a variety of colors and do well in the high-humidity environment of an aeroponic tower.


1. Lettuce - If you're looking to grow your own fresh, crisp lettuce, aeroponic gardening towers are a perfect choice. Lettuce grows quickly and easily in these systems and can be harvested multiple times throughout the growing season.

2. Strawberries - Who doesn't love fresh, juicy strawberries? These sweet treats grow well in aeroponic towers and require little maintenance.

3. Tomatoes - While they can be a bit more challenging to grow indoors, tomatoes are a great choice for experienced gardeners. With the right care and attention, you can produce your own delicious, homegrown tomatoes in your home!

With these tips and some experimentation, you'll be able to grow a thriving aeroponic garden filled with beautiful flowers and delicious veggies in no time!

What are the best aeroponic garden containers to use? My favorite is the Tower Garden by Juice Plus. It is a very high-quality container, they are affordable and you are supporting your local entrepreneurs and businesses when ordering from us.

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