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Adventures In Prospecting!

I have always loved prospecting! I have been a rock hound and treasure hunter all my life.

I grew up in a small mountain community, in Southern California, called Lake Arrowhead. In our backyard was a rocky creek, where I spent countless hours as a kid, searching for beautiful rocks and panning for gold, especially after learning about the California gold rush in school.

My family didn’t have much money when I was growing up, although we didn’t really go without. I remember the joy and excitement I had, the day I discovered gold in that old creek. At last, my family and I would be in good financial health.

I panned and panned, that old creek and put all that gold into bottles. When I had accumulated what I thought would be enough gold, I took the bottles/jars to my parents, to share the joy of what I had found. I was sure I would relieve their minds of any possible financial stress.

I will never forget the disappointment I felt when my Dad informed me, that what I had amassed for us, was fools gold! I said- what?... all those bottles of gold, weren’t really gold?

I was really a fool! We all had a good laugh over that and they appreciated all my effort.

All those bottles of pyrite taught me a very valuable lesson. I learned that searching for a great treasure, is always a worthwhile thing to do, Matthew 6:33. In business, it had been the reason, I landed so many hard-to-get accounts.

I continue to buy and sell stuff online today because I really like it.  I enjoy finding a great item to sell and I like the end result of making the sale. Sometimes, I find a great treasure to keep.

One of the most important aspects of any business is prospecting but it seems a lot of people don’t like the job of prospecting. I actually like prospecting and I make prospecting a fun adventure! That's probably the key to liking it.

A fun day of prospecting I had recently was, what I call the Space Odyssey weekend.

I was scouring the web for items to resale when I found an interesting ET lamp. It looks like an authentic, ET movie character. I looked online and couldn't find another ET lamp similar to it. Since I love ET and Sci-Fi, I scheduled a time to meet the seller and buy the lamp.

The plot thickened when the seller asked me to meet them at a Kum and Go in Missouri. I learned that the ET lamp was made and signed by the seller's grandmother. I knew that I probably couldn’t resell the lamp at a profit, because of the trademark infringement rules but I bought it anyway because I loved it. That is what I now refer to as, my Space Odyssey weekend!

That ET lamp sits on my desk, as a reminder to prospect because it’s fun.

Who knows what other great treasures are out there waiting to be discovered?



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