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What I am Reading in December 2022:
I do not always read the books I mention here, before posting my reading list to this page.  Some content might not be appropriate for all audiences.  I do not always agree, like, or subscribe to the content, opinion, and information, in the books I have selected to read.  I choose my monthly reading list, based on blurbs, recommendations, and reviews; sometimes I don't even finish the books I start to read.   If it is the Bible, I always agree and subscribe to its truth, as God's word.  I am not perfect, please pardon my flaws.

Some months are very busy, and I am not able to finish all of the books I have selected to read, that doesn't mean I think the book is boring!  🙂



Sleeping Murder


Agatha Christie


The Rainbow Bible


Bible Study Fellowship 

Join a Group


12 Rules For Life

An Antidote To Chaos

By Jordan B Peterson


Norman Doidge MD


Story Genius


Lisa Cron

I wrote and published my first children's book, Hermisio The Stone Crab.  If you like it, please give it a positive review!  Thanks.

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