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You Might Be A Microblogger

Microblogging is a refreshing way to serve up your favorite content.

What is Blogging? What is Microblogging? What are the differences, how do you blog, and why should you blog?

The Online Dictionary defines blogging as "A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style."

The Cambridge Dictionary defines blogging as "a regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for other people to read."

The word Weblog began in 1997 with Jorn Barger a weblogger at Robot Wisdom. The Term Weblog was abbreviated (Micro), to Blog in 1999 by a computer programmer named Peter Merholz.

The Online Dictionary defines Micro Blogging as "The activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to a microblog." How do you know if you have a Micro Blog account?

A few of the most recognized Micro Blogging sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. Do you post on any of those sites? If your answer is yes, you are a microblogger.

Now that you know you are a Microblogger, what will you do with your new title? There is nothing wrong with continuing to post your thoughts, opinions, photos, and media, to your favorite social media websites as usual. However, if you want to take your Microblogging title more seriously, here are some ways to level up your Microblogging skills.

Tip #1 - Have Fun, Be You, Enjoy Blogging

If you enjoy blogging, sharing and the time spent creating, there will be others who will enjoy reading what you have to share. Having a love of your hobby and blog work means your content will supersede your desire to obtain random followers and likes. Likes and follows will eventually be there but your desire to have followers, should be secondary to your love for the art of blogging. (That doesn't mean readership is unimportant, it is a close second)

Tip #2 - An Irresistible Title

Think of every blog post title as you would a great book. What title would get you to pick up a book and read it? What blog post title would make the reader want to click the link and read the post?

Your Blog Post Title should be an attention grabber! It should contain some of your posts keywords. It should be relevant to the blog post.

"Love is a word that some entertain and if you find it, you have won the game." – Stevie Nicks

Tip #3 - Know Your Why. What is the purpose of your blog or microblog?

If you are a personal microblogger who makes random posts on Facebook, you might be thinking, how can I be an effective Microblogger? You could begin by asking yourself what you want from your social media account and why?

What do you want to share with others? What do you want to learn? Who are you wanting to connect with? Why?

Do you have a hobby, something you are really good at, a topic you know a lot about? If you are an expert at homeschooling maybe you would blog or microblog about the tips and tricks of effective homeschooling. If you love to cook you might share recipes and your favorite tips for entertaining.

If all you want to do is be yourself, that is perfectly fine and a good enough reason to microblog. Share your story, your favorite photos, and your personal tips and tricks for success in life, etc.

If you own a business you are definitely trying to sell a product or service, and that is a good thing! Blogging and Microblogging are great ways to target the market by posting content relevant to your audiences. You can also share personal information about yourself and the company, so your brand will be relatable to your customers and clients. We are all people in business as owners, workers, or customers. If you are not the owner of the business, remember that social media for business has rules, check with your manager about appropriate content for posting. Always treat business posts with professionalism and people with courtesy.

Tip #4 - Be Relevant and Stay on Topic

Stay relevant to your why. Ask yourself if the content you are posting is relevant to your theme and reason for blogging. It is acceptable to share personal information with the right audience.

Tip #5 - Know your audience and post consistently

Your blog is built first and foremost for you. If you are no longer interested in the topic of your blog, refresh it and start anew. Know your audience and grow your audience. Get your blog in front of the people that want to read it. Homeschool bloggers your target audience would be parents who homeschool. Custom Painters and Auto Mechanics, your target audience is car owners and car enthusiasts, etc. Personal bloggers your audience is friends, family, new friends, acquaintances, and followers.

Post to your blog whenever you want but a consistent posting schedule will improve your writing skills and provide more reading enjoyment for your audience because you will have a large variety of content available for them to consume.

Keywords, analytics, SEO, and blog development strategies will be important as your blog grows. You will want to learn more about SEO after you complete your blog's keywords and search engine optimization.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting a full-size blog after refining your skills as a microblogger.

.The Top Five Websites For Blogging In My Opinion Are:

How Do You Blog?

Pick a blogging site above, sign up for a free account until you know if you like the blog platform, and start posting. I do recommend that you select a personal or business custom domain name for your blog, prior to signing up for a blogging account. You will need to see if the domain name you want is available, before selecting the name of your blog. Once you have your domain name purchased, select a blogging platform and have your custom domain, point to your blog. Your custom domain will become your blog address on the blog platform. The blogging site will have instructions on how to point your domain. Blogs can be wordy like a newsletter or media-rich with photos, videos, artwork, music, and other custom content. Your blogging style is entirely up to you.

You can buy domain names at and

When it comes to Microblogging, I recommend that you use the Microblogging websites that you like best. Social media platforms that accomplish your microblogging goals with the most ease and efficiency are best for you. If you decide to build a full-sized blog, I like the top five blogging websites I mentioned above. I built this blog on Wix and I am a Wix fan. Wix is easy to use and has lots of tools and functionality. I am also learning Tumblr. Tumblr is a hybrid between a blogging and microblogging platform.

I hope you are inspired to start blogging or to refine your microblogging skills. I love blogging, creating, and sharing and I hope you will have fun blogging, creating, and sharing, too. I also hope blogging has the extra benefit of being an income stream, although that is not my primary goal.

Please remember to share my posts and web pages. There are people out there, that will enjoy reading this. Thanks. Cheers! 😊



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