What’s Your Scene?

How many times have you looked around your home or work space and thought….This could be so cool if…

Today I am sharing with you an affordable way, to dramatically change your work environment, create a in home theatre, or design an incredible small space venue, for your band or DJ Gigs.

Hosting meetings on Zoom and Facebook Live, can be exciting and impressive when you use a backdrop scene. It will give you the professional Wow factor, that inspires you to greatness and keeps your audience interested! If nothing else, you and your audience will have fun while you work and perform.

Another option for backdrops and photo scenes is parties. Whether you are hosting a kids birthday party, an adult mystery dinner or a roaring 20’s party, we have the perfect backdrop scenes for you!

What do you need to change your scenery? A backdrop T stand, and your favorite backdrop/scene.

Depending on how technical you want to be and the kind of photos you want to take, you might need a professional camera, tripod, and computer or at the very least cell phone and Selfie Stick.

In the Photography and accessories category of my store, you will find every kind of photo backdrop and scene you can imagine. Forest scenes, fairies, seasonal, cityscapes, comic book, beach scenes, space scenes and science fiction, birthday, Christmas, New Year, every kind of scene possible and we are always adding more.

If you are a photographer, this is a very affordable way to add variety to your photo shoots and stand out from your competition.

With all the Facebook Live and Zoom meetings going on, I hope to see some fun and exiting backdrops, let’s have fun and show some creativity! Who knows, we may even incorporate them into our brick and mortar workspaces when we return.

Whatever your Scene is, I hope you have fun and make your work day more inspiring and productive!

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