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Why Do You Use Those Colorful, Fuzzy, Googly-Eyed Balls?

What are Weepuls- “Small, spherical, fluffy toys, with large, plastic googly eyes” ~ Wikipedia

Why do I use those Weepul-type characters?

  • I love them!

  • They are cute

  • I used to win them in school

  • I loved selling those magazines and winning Weepuls!

  • They are fun to make

  • They are colorful and useful

  • They make people smile

  • They are creative and cute Sci-Fi

The most important reason I use Weepul characters is the creative, mysterious, meaningful use I derive from using them to demonstrate interactive data and content.

I am an Interactive Data Specialist, which means a data and content marketing scientist. I am an idea person.

I use Weepul characters as content starters. Think of a content starter like Soup Starter or the beginning of thread or the beginning of fabric, a paint drop, a sprinkle, a crumb, etc. I use those Weepul characters as creative props to demonstrate the content’s interactive “Story.”

Those props add fun, mystery, and interest when applied to ordinary things. They give the data and content interactivity, motion, and story.

Most articles I have read about Weepuls are good, but I recently read an article that described Weepuls as a symbol of inequality or part of a sales cult. That has nothing to do with me and my thinking.

Please know that inequality has nothing to do with their meaning or my use of them.

I have been making Weepuls for years and using them for good purposes.

Weepuls are simply cute, fun, creative assists; that should delight anyone!

Those little toys are so interesting!

Don't let anyone steal that joy!



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