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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I recently updated my webpage, and I am now able to make a variety of my services available to you, directly from my website.

If you want to create beautiful, short, digital marketing pieces for yourself or your company, I can create them for you. I create static posts, and short 60 seconds or less, video dynamic posts.

These video digital marketing ads are great for marketing specific products and services, on social media, text, and email marketing campaigns. You can see the variety of marketing pieces, I have created for my own products, in my posts! I also create digital, video, business cards.

How does it work? You can book an appointment on my webpage, email, message, or call me, to discuss what you want to create. Then I will create it and send it to you electronically for approval. You can pay me directly and securely on my website! I also sell a 10 product digital marketing bundle, at a discounted price.

My new webpage also gives you the ability to schedule me directly, as a personal or corporate assistant. You can book an appointment with me, email, or call me, to discuss how I can help you and your company achieve your goals.

Are you looking for help with ideas and innovation? I am excellent at that, I would love to help you and your company with that. Contact me to discuss how I can be hired in that way.

I am excited about these new features! Please visit my webpage and see if there is anything I can do to help you!

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