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2024 Top Three

What are your top three in these categories in 2024?

Top Three Words of Focus?

My Top 3 Words of Focus in 2024 Are:

Good Health, Stability, Good Progress.

Top Three Must Accomplish Goals?

My Three are

  1. Loose no less than 20lbs in 12 months

  2. Complete My Personal Finance Goals Phase One

  3. Complete and publish my first fictional novel.

Top Three Fun Activities I Want to Accomplish in 2024

Mine are:

  1. Take two Vacations this year and per year.

  2. Take 10 photos a month that are good enough to publish.

  3. Kayak and adventure more.

I like to use creative methods to map out the steps needed to accomplish my goals.

You can outline, journal, color flow chart, collage, vision board, game, partner up, word map, use Excel, etc. The best method is the method that works for you.

Some of my action steps will be:

An outline of the steps needed, a journal workbook to plug in the steps required each day, and a variety of craft projects that inspire and invigorate me to stay motivated.

What are Your Top Three?

I would love to hear from you and hear your ideas so we can encourage each other. Please don't hesitate to message me or contact me by phone or email.

Good luck friends and family. Happy New Year! 🙂



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