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Books I am Currently Reading/Listening to.
Do you have a great book recommendation?  Email Me and let me know what you are reading.
What I am Reading in April 2021:
I do not pre-edit the books I am reading, before posting my reading list here.  Some content might not be appropriate for all audiences.  I do not always agree, like, or subscribe to the content, opinion, and information, of the books I have selected to read.  I choose my monthly reading list, based on blurbs and reviews, sometimes I don't even finish the books.   If it is the Bible, I always agree and subscribe to its truth as God's word.  I am not perfect, please pardon my flaws.


The Sound Inside

By Adam Rapp


Bible Study Fellowship

 Study of Genesis

Personal Bible Study of Psalms


How To Win Friends


Influence People

In The Digital Age


Dale Carnegie


America's Founding Women

An Audible Original


Cassandra Good


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